Gordons Street View

Sample Take away menu

Hot Filled Rolls

Choose from a choice of - Sausages, bacon, fried eggs, black pudding, hash browns or vegetable sausages

1 filling - £3.50

2 fillings - £4.25

3 fillings - £4.50


Sandwiches and toasties

priced from £6.00 - £7.00

choose from a choice of our home made fillings - cheese and ham,  ham and cranberry,  cheese and pickle,   cheese and caramelised onion chutney,  Tuna mayo and spring onion,  sweet chilli chicken and mozzarella,  ham brie and cranberry,  cheese and haggis,  pastrami cheese and onion melt,  Smoked Salmon



6oz Wildboar Burger - £9.00

6oz Venison Burger - £9.00

Breaded Chicken Escalope  - £9.00

Breaded wholetail Scampi - £9.00

Other Services Provided

We are also available for:

  • Pre-booked parties

  • Cold or Hot Buffets

  •  Christmas Parties